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Comunidad: On-line
Disciplina: Fotografía
Fecha de Entrega (Plazo Final de Admisión o Fecha de celebración): 17/01/2014
Nº de Visitas: 3479


The European Meteorological Society (EMS) announces the photography competition Europhotometeo’14, with the terms and conditions as described below. By submitting an entry you agree to and accept the rules listed under these terms and conditions. The competition is administered by the EMS in collaboration with the Asociación Meteorologica Española (AME).


1. Contestants

The competition is open to any person that would like to participate. The maximum number of photos allowed by each author is two.

2. Requirements

Only digital photos specifically related to meteorology taken within 2012 or 2013 will be accepted.

  • Files have to be uploaded in jpg-format.
  • Files need to contain EXIF metadata.
  • Photo-montages, heavily altered or retouched images and photos with superimposed writings or other additions (like watermarks) will not be accepted.
  • Minimum width and height: 600 pixels.
  • Maximum width and height: 2000 pixels.
  • Maximum file size: 2 MB.

It is the responsibility of each entrant to ensure that any photograph submitted has been taken with the permission of the subject(s) and/or venue/location and does not infringe the copyright of any third party.

The original copy of any photo may be requested from the author in order to check the file properties.

3. Photo gallery, upload and deadline

All photos must be uploaded to the EMS photo gallery at Registration with the author’s full name and address is required. Anybody who has already registered for the photo-gallery in connection with the EPM’12 can use the same account for the EPM’14.

For each entry the following are required:

(a) Title and a short description for each of the photos in English (maximum 120 words per picture),

(b) Information on the original resolution (in pixels),

(c) Equipment used, and

(d) Place and date where the photo was taken.

The deadline for upload of photos is 17 January 2014, 23:59h CET.

4. Admission

Photos that comply with the requirements set out under section 2 will be admitted to the competition and be displayed at the photo-gallery after 1 March 2014.

5. Selection process

All the entries admitted to the competition will be reviewed by a pre-selection committee consisting of volunteers from EMS Member Societies. The committee will choose up to 60 entries for consideration by the jury. The jury, consisting of members of the EMS Council and the Presidents of the EMS Member Societies, will select the top ten entries. The jury's decision will be final and will not be subject to review.

6. Results and Prizes

The top ten ranked photos of the Competition will be displayed at the EMS photo gallery after 31 March 2014. Authors of the photos awarded a prize will be notified by e-mail.

The authors of the photos ranked first, second and third will receive 1000€, 500€ and 250€, respectively, as well as a certificate.

7. Additional notes

Authors will keep the intellectual property rights, but will give EMS, EMS Member Societies, EMS Associate Members and WMO Secretariat (i.e. excluding WMO Members) the rights to use the photos for non-commercial purposes, with no payment being made for the use of the copyright. This includes the right to publish any submitted photo on their respective web site, and use them in electronic or printed form in the organisations literature as well as in exhibitions, whilst always acknowledging the author of a photo. Any photo used via this mechanism for non-commercial publications must give appropriate credit to the photographer and the EMS by citing the name of the photographer and stating “EMS Europhotometeo‘14”.

The use of a photo for commercial purposes is only allowed with the specific agreement of the photographer. In this context, commercial purposes include the use of a photo in any publication or associated material for which there is a charge, or promotional literature about products for which there is a charge. If a person or organisation wants to use a photo for commercial purposes, they should get the contact details from the EMS and deal directly with the photographer. Any acknowledgement/payment is entirely a matter to be agreed between the photographer and the user. However, there should be no acknowledgement to the EMS as this could give the impression that there is some kind of EMS endorsement.

By uploading their photos to the EMS photo gallery, the authors agree to these terms and conditions as well as the decisions the organisers may take about any other matters, at their discretion.

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